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About Us

Contributing Experts

Many times artifacts that are discovered in America are better understood with the assistance of experts from around the world. These experts are trained professionals in various fields of research and science. Indigenous Peoples Research Foundation has carefully started to form an alliance with professionals on a global scale. Below are members of this team.
If you would like to contribute your expertise to our ever growing list of new discoveries, please don't hesitate to contact us with more information about yourself.
 Historical Translator
CHEN, Lung Chuan (Laurent)   陳隆川
CHEN, Lung Chuan (Laurent) 陳隆川
Name: CHEN, Lung Chuan (Laurent) 陳隆川

Contact Email: Laurent007@gmail.com

Phone Number:  +886 2 29247765
Address: 2F 15 Ln17 Shoung-Ho Street, Yuan-Ho District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, Republic of China 23447

Graduated from Department of Applied Mathematics, National Chiao-Tung University (Hsin-Chu Campus; Bachelor of Science). Currently working as a freelance translator for English to Traditional Chinese. Capable of speaking/writing Chinese, English and French. Laurent CHEN uses his talent in investigating Ancient Chinese travel to North America. 

Focus and Mission

The Foundation was established to protect, preserve and to research unusual artifacts recovered thru surface collections from several locations in Southeastern United States

Our research focuses in two general areas:

1. the cultural significance and artistic origins of the symbols, motifs and forms, some of which initially suggest circum-Caribbean and/or Chinese influence.

2. incorporate science based testing on select pieces to determine type and origin of material, accretion analysis, tool and usage analysis and dating.

The pre-Columbian period of North America is a time filled with many uncertainties. It is hoped that our efforts will be helpful in providing a clearer picture of this fascinating period.

Indigenous Peoples Research Foundation, a non-profit Georgia corporation

Collaboration & 2015 Research Schedule

Much of our research relies upon voluntary participation from specialists within the Art, Anthropology, Archeology and Independent Research communities. However, field work by contract archeologists and laboratory testing requires money.

We are now budgeting for slot excavation and examination of soil at the dagger site to determine if it is a in situ or colluvial context, followed by sample extraction and Optically Stimulated Luminescence dating. Details regarding the dagger can be viewed on the dagger page in the artifact gallery

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