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Sitting Figurine

Anthropomorphic Effigy

Update 11/26/2014: Interpretations of the script appearing on the head dress have been added at the bottom of the graphics. These contributions were kindly furnished by Michel-Gerald Boutet, Quebec, Canada, and Stuart L. Harris, Ohio, USA.
An intricate piece with highly polished and colored surface found in a dry creek bed near Location 2.
H 5 1/2", W 2 3/8" .53 lb
Multiple View Digitally Processed Black & White with Edge Enhancement
Links to Script Interpretations
The reader will note that the interpretations differ, however both indicate a common geographic origin. The difference is a result of Boutet treating the letters as an alphabet, and Harris as syllabaries. Keep in mind that ancient wordsmiths were clever and could produce script that results in a different reading depending on which direction read, and also, script may have a double meaning, a cultural pun.
Stuart L. Harris
Michel Boutet has contributed an extensive paper regarding Philistine history and language, with comparisons of other Indo-European and Semitic proto-scripts. Also a discussion where he demonstrates their appearance on Mesoamerican sellos.

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Michel-Gerald Boutet
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